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I Love Gwen!'s Journal
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Date:2005-01-09 15:58
Subject:I'm alive!

I'm still here...
I promise.

I took a break from bag making, as I didn't have as much time when I started school and work and everything. I would love to get a sewing machine. Think of all of the things that I could make!

After (or before) I finish my homework, I am going to get inspired to write something and make something. There are already plans for another bag to be made...

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Date:2004-02-09 22:19
Subject:xposted to my main journal.

So, I decided, while going into my bathroom, that I should make something out of my old jeans that will never fit over my fat ass. What did I make? A bag! A cute bag, even. It isn't finished yet, as I have to finish sewing on the little roses and buy lining, ribbons (for the handles), zippers (for the pockets) & a snap button and sew all of those on. But, I can do that tomorrow.

My finger hurts now, though. I don't have a sewing machine, so all the sexing I have done so far has been by hand. Ouch much? Anyway. I am drinking some honey lemon tea now and checking email. Tata!

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Date:2004-02-03 01:18

I went and bought new eyeshadow today. Finally!

I am tired of having light brown, black, white, light pastel green and blue eyeshadow. I always end up doing the same thing: the brown as the base, line my lids with a tiny bit of black, and maybe (depending on the day and time of year) I will put a tiny bit of the green on as well.
Today, I got a thing of "Scene" MAC eyeshadow. Very cute, even if it is only gray. It'll go with my eyes and skin.
The colour.

Anyway, now I am off to browse lipstick colours...

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Date:2004-02-03 01:14

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Date:2004-02-02 00:59

I hot oiled my hair today to prep it for the big chop that is somewhere in the near-ish future. In fact, I noticed that it is in pretty good condition for only being trimmed twice in almost three years.

I have a nasty habit of looking for split ends. In the past week, I have only found two. This may mean that I should go and at least get it trimmed soon, then wait a few more months and chp it off. It is only February, and short hair is more a summer thing. Yea. I can wait. I'll take off half an inch just to get rid of any nasty bits, then chop it in May.

The length of my hair now (well, two days ago).Collapse )

So, there it is. My hair. Any tips????

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Date:2004-01-31 02:28


Well, I may as well let ya'll know what my main LJ is:

If you want to check it out, go ahead, but be warned, many of the entries are protected. If you want to add my main journal to your friends list, go ahead! And I will add you back.


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Date:2004-01-30 03:10

At some point today (after I sleep, of course), I am going to make an appointment to get my hair cut. I am not sure if I am ready to chop it all off yet. I haven't had a proper cut in at least two and a half years. Isn't that scary? I am still debating whether or not to just trim it, then chop it off closer to the summer...

This is a big deal. AAAAH!

Okay, well, I am going to get into bed with some magazines and contemplate this.

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Date:2004-01-29 03:20

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Date:2004-01-29 02:52
Subject:new things!

I was bored a couple days ago, so I went shopping. I made it to a book store and bought a Pin-Up Girls datebook/calendar/diary thing. Very awesome. All the pictures are great. I also got The Last Picture Show, as it was on sale.

Then I headed to Old Navy, as my parents gave me a $50 gift card for the store. I got four beater tanks in four different colours and a cute shirt. Two of the tanks are green, both pastelish, but one is a tad darker, the other lighter. The other two are white and black. You can never go wrong with a white tank and a black tank. The shirt is 3/4-sleeve, black, v-necked with a small ribbon on the neckline. It'll go well with my denim skirt.

Now, I just need to go make-up shopping. I need new mascara and eye shadow. Maybe some new lipstick. We'll see.

Anyway, that is all. I think I am going to take pictures of the clothes later so you all can see. :)

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Date:2004-01-29 02:14
Subject:This is awesome!

You are the seductress pin-up! You are
self-explanatory. You slut!

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Date:2004-01-29 02:08
Subject:New Journal!

I made a new journal.

This one will be very separate from my other one. This one will be for photos of me and friends, pictures of clothes and shoes and accessories that I have or want, and all of the styles I love. This will be a dedication to the retro style, Gwen Stefani and her fabulous look(s). This will not be for deeprooted emotions. I promise!


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