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new things!

I was bored a couple days ago, so I went shopping. I made it to a book store and bought a Pin-Up Girls datebook/calendar/diary thing. Very awesome. All the pictures are great. I also got The Last Picture Show, as it was on sale.

Then I headed to Old Navy, as my parents gave me a $50 gift card for the store. I got four beater tanks in four different colours and a cute shirt. Two of the tanks are green, both pastelish, but one is a tad darker, the other lighter. The other two are white and black. You can never go wrong with a white tank and a black tank. The shirt is 3/4-sleeve, black, v-necked with a small ribbon on the neckline. It'll go well with my denim skirt.

Now, I just need to go make-up shopping. I need new mascara and eye shadow. Maybe some new lipstick. We'll see.

Anyway, that is all. I think I am going to take pictures of the clothes later so you all can see. :)
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